The Toronto Revolver Club was formed in 1905 and began operations either in late that year or early in 1906. The Club has operated continuously since that time. It is the oldest handgun club in Canada, and one of the oldest in North America.

In its time, the Club has operated a number of different ranges including one in the Don River valley and another above a garage before moving to its present location in central Toronto. The Club owns the building and land at its present location. It is fortunate to have one of the most complete range facilities available to any private club. Its facilities include 10 shooting positions. Two motorized target carriers move targets up and down the 20 meter range. Timers turn the targets of either or both carriers hiding and presenting the targets as required for all the normal Bullseye competition formats. The carriers can also be used for air pistol at a distance of 10 meters.

Since its beginnings, the Toronto Revolver Club has held a leadership position in supporting safe and enjoyable participation in various handgun shooting disciplines. Its members include some of the best and most highly qualified shooters and safety instructors anywhere. TRC pistol teams participate in the Metro Pistol League (2 teams), the Metro Free Pistol League, and in air pistol competition. Members also can participate in club level matches every Wednesday night, or in various other “fun” matches. The club maintains an active program of safety, firearm, and shooting seminars for its membership. An active group of members participate in regular IPSC practical shooting competitions. Club facilities are available to members during the day for plinking or shooting just to get away from it all.

Abbreviated Club History by John McColgan Sr.

Please note: Shooting at anything other than standard targets at the Toronto Revolver Club is strictly forbidden. In this case “plinking” simply refers to non-competitive practice shooting.


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