About Squamish Valley Rod and Gun Club

Celebrating 75 years!

The SVRGC has been a part of the community since its inception in 1942. As the municipality evolved and grew up around us, we have evolved to try to meet the needs of the community. Originally a fishing and hunting organization, the Club has grown to include shooting sports, archery, conservation and training.


The Squamish Valley Rod & Gun Club is proud to be involved with the annual Family Fishing Day. The Club has a history of interest in fishing derbies and has sponsored fly tying as well as rod building courses at its facility in the past. With the abundance of rivers and streams, lakes and tidal waters in or near the District of Squamish, the fishing opportunities are almost endless.


The Club’s interest in hunting and firearms is well known, so it is no surprise that CORE and PAL (Canadian Firearm Safety Course) are regular features in the clubhouse.


Probably our most active section, archery has grown and now regularly sends young archers to the BC Winter Games. Drop in during the school year (we follow their calendar) on Friday nights at 7:00pm. The JOP (Junior Olympic Program) group meets at 7:30 on Mondays (except holidays) throughout the school year. Adult drop-in is Wednesday evenings at 7:30.


HUNTER: This shoot was designed to provide shooting practise for hunters. It is not limited to hunters so if you are interested, the fourth Sunday of the month at 10:00 am.

22 SILHOUETTE: A style of shooting that originated in Mexico, silhouette will sharpen your shooting skills and is a lot of fun as well. 10:00 am on the third Sunday of the month is when it occurs.

OLD FARTS PISTOL: Not sure how the name came about, but the first Sunday of every month at 10:00 is when this non-competitive event happens.

TRAP: We have rebuilt our trap range and have regularly scheduled competetive and non-competetive shoots on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month and the Saturdays between and after. Check the calendar for actual dates. We cater to beginner, novice and advanced shooters alike.

FRONTIER FIREARMS: Our Frontier Firearms section currently only shoots rifles of 19th Century design using lead cast bullets with a velocity of 1500 fps or slower. Typically .357, .44 or 45 caliber, but not limited to that. We shoot steel targets between 50 and 125 yards using open or iron sights only. The future plans are to open to all cowboy action shooting.


The SVRGC has worked with various user groups including the following:
Police Agencies
Girl Guides
School groups


Our Club has always been involved in the community in some capacity. More recently we have expanded our outlook to include a bursary at Howe Sound Secondary High School.


Our facility is located at 2050 Centennial Way, just past Eagle Vista Campground.


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