We are all familiar with the concept of customer service. Silvercore Advanced Training Systems Inc. takes customer service to a new level.

Many companies offer firearms safety training, but none make it as interesting as Silvercore. We work hard to make the environment enjoyable. Firearms can be dangerous without the proper training, so it is important to understand them, but it doesn’t have to be done through intimidation.

We want our clients to get the knowledge they need to be safe. We want them to have fun doing it and know how to use the knowledge to encourage others to be safe as well.

Clients that complete the Silvercore training programs can feel confident that not only will they have the theory to safely handle a firearm, they will also have the practical knowledge. All customers receive hands-on training during our classes that ensures they have some comfort level with the firearms they plan to use.

If you need help after your class, you will have access to our training staff to help you in any way we can.

Silvercore customers will be trained by highly skilled instructors with years of experience. This experience ensures you will enjoys years of safe, enjoyable firearm use.


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