Selkirk Game and Fish Association has been in operation since 1955.   The organization is run by volunteers who donate their time to keep the facility up and running.   In 2000 it cost the club $26,000 to comply with the C.F.C. requirements in order to remain open and operating.  We were issued three Range permits:  Main Range,  Trap Range and Overflow with strick guidelines as to what activities could be carried out at each facility.

The main range consists of a 200 yard range for long rifles. The club provides backstops for target placement as well as bench rests.   We ask that everyone pitch in and help keep the facility clean (as this is YOUR range) and abide by the rules that are posted.   Handgun shooting is NOT permitted at the main range unless there is an activity booked by the handgun club.  If there is an IPSC match scheduled then the ENTIRE range is closed.

The Trap Range operates during the Spring and Fall seasons on Wednesday nights.   Anyone considering shooting clay birds in the off season is asked to do so from this facility as it is easier for clean up in one area (hulls & clay birds) – once again we ask everyone pitch in and clean up after themselves. Debris on the range plays havock with the lawn mower.

The Handgun Range is used by Handgun members who, by direction of the CFO, are to be affiliated with an approved Shooting Club,  i.e. Selkirk Game & Fish Handgun Club. In order to obtain a permit to transport a restricted firearm,  the owner must provide proof of membership in a Handgun Club.   A Handgun Range requires to be burmed on three sides.   This range is 100 yards.  The Overflow is not to be utilized by members with long guns.  Targets stands are available, but not guaranteed. Steel is reserved for sporting purposes, and IPSC/CDP Range Officers have the combinations. This policy is under revision pending a stakeholders meeting this summer.

NOTE:   Shooting Range Approval permits are posted in the Club House and on the bulletin board.   We are bound by strick guidelines in order to remain operational and we DO NOT want to put the Club in jeopardy.


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