This Association has existed under several different names for many years. An early record of the club’s
existence dates, before World War 1. It is known that annual shoots were held during this period in competition
with clubs from Kelowna and Vernon. Little else is known until after the First War. Involvement with conservation
was limited at that time, probably as a result of lakes and streams that were well supplied with fish, and wild game
that was plentiful in the area.

Around 1920. interest became revived and the club appeared under the name of the Penticton Rod and Gun Club.
During this era, an attempt was made to reintroduce Elk in the district with limited success.
The club also lent support to the creation of a bird sanctuary and later a game reserve at Vaseaux Lake.

Later the club operated as the Penticton Fish, Game and Forest Protective Association. Under this name, small reserve
areas were established as Fish and Game protected districts.

An amalgamation of the societies created the Penticton Fish, Game & Rifle Club. A tremendous amount of work went into
the building of a clubhouse, indoor range, extensive rifle ranges, trap grounds and facilities for other outdoor pursuits on
crown land on the West Bench near Penticton.

It was 29 years at this site until the land lease was lost in a resettlement agreement to the Penticton Indian Band.

In 1983-84, the Club Executive, Directors, Members and Benefactors devoted time, energy, donated materials,
skill and labour in relocation. At the present time the clubhouse and facilities are to be found on leased land to the
South of the Agricultural Research Station, on Highway 97 near the Kickininee picnic area site. Although the total land
area is much smaller than the former West Bench site, excellent new facilities have been created.

A vigorous and increasing membership of the newly named Penticton Shooting Sports Association are
continuing traditions such as indoor and outdoor handgun, sporting rifle, trap shooting and promoting new
disciplines such as archery, benchrest and silhouette shooting.

Instructing firearms safety has always been a priority of the club. Strong ties have been created with
such groups as the Boy Scouts, Cadets, High School, Church groups, C.O.R.E. program, and the
R.C.M.P to promote the image and practice of sane, safe, and sensible sporting use of all types of firearms.

The conservation aspect of the club is actively involved with ongoing projects. Funds to improve the grounds,
facilities with wheelchair ramps and hard surface walkways are being solicited be means of sponsored gun shows,
raffles and this very publication so that everyone may continue to enjoy the privleges of the past into a long future.


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