The National Firearms Association offers Members information on all aspects of safe and responsible use of firearms as well as current information on changes in Canada’s laws. Primers are available to all Members on a wide variety of subjects including: Inheritance Regulations (99.00 KB), Search Warrants (2009 version) (38.42 KB) and Letter Writing.

The National Firearms Association is Canada’s leader in the quest for fair and practical firearm and property rights legislation. While working for practical laws across Canada, your Association provides access to legal assistance for the defense of the rights of Canadians. In the specific area of “improper storage” charges, in three out of four cases with National Firearms Association help, the Crown drops all charges before the case gets to court. 85% of cases that do go to court are won with the assistance and advice of the National Firearms Association. Frankly put, with National Firearms Association help, many times charges are simply dropped. Members of other Canadian firearms groups often call the National Firearms Association when they require legal information and assistance. And guess what? We help them!

The official magazine of the National Firearms Association is for our Members. As a vehicle for up-to-date information on what is happening, your magazine contains articles of interest on many different subjects, including safety, legal issues, events and shooting and hunting. Canadian Firearms Journal is the primary source of information for many firearm owners in Canada. Articles written by and for firearm enthusiasts provide food for thought. Your input into your magazine is welcome and appreciated.


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