• We are a non-government, non-profit organization
  • Our club believes in the preservation and conservation of wildlife, fish and these habitats. The shooting sports, outdoor safety, training, outdoor education of our youth.

Mission Statement

  • The association advocates conservation and management of fish & wildlife and habitat while maintaining natures balance for the continuing benefit of the associations members and the general public.


  • The best traditions of recreational hunting, fishing and shooting should be valued by future generations.
  • Regulated hunting, fishing and trapping are important wildlife management tools.
  • A person has the right to hunt, fish and shoot in accordance with the law.
  • Fish, wildlife and crown land are public resources belonging to all provincial residents and these resources must remain equally accessible for all residents.


  • To support and assist in the enhancement, development and maintenance of habitat while maintaining natures balance for fish and wildlife.
  • To develop and promote education and recreational programs and activities.
  • To support organizations of like purpose in the lobbying of government and private agencies, as necessary, to safeguard the interests of fish and wildlife populations.
  • To promote outdoor ethics and safety.


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