The club was formed in 1974,with a bunch of guys with an ideal and not much cash.

The first parcel of land,approximately 5 acres was bought by Arthur Leblanc.This parcel of land was densely covered with alders,but with the help of 5 or 6 volunteers,one area approximately 100 ft.X 150 ft. was cleared to accommodate a small log cabin,20 ft.X 24ft.,wich was built during the winter months.The logs for this cabin were hauled out of the woods with the use of a snowmobile.

By summer 1975,the log cabin was completed. Danny Comeau, Leo Cormier,Andre Jaillet Arthur Leblanc, Jacques Nowlan and Phillip Nowlan had built the first clubhouse of the Kent County Gun Club.It had taken many hours of volunteer free labour,but the end results were well worth it.

Now with a club and a makeshift trap house, memberships rose to 75 members.With membership fees being $ 20.00 per year, this gave the club a little bit of money to grow and improvise.

Since then the rest of the 5 acres have been cleared, and with the help of a bulldozer a 200 yard rifle range and also a trap shooting range, were built.The club purchased more land which gave us 25 acres of land.The second building ,made of logs,26 ft.X 76 ft. was built with an indoor shooting range in the basement.Memberships were now up to 150 members.

The indoor range ,due to new safety regulations, had to be closed down.On November 3rd. 2008, our club, was completely destroyed by arsonists.The fire was devastating. Everything that the members had accomplished during all these years of volunteering and improving our facilities, was completely lost. A meeting was called a few weeks later, and after countless days of negotiations with our insurance company, a settlement was reached.The amount received was enough to rebuild but with free labour and a lot of generous donations of time and materials, from different trades people.On October of 2009, the club was complete and ready to receive over 300 members.We now have very modern trap facilities, archery club,500 yds. shooting range,200 yds, 100 yds and also a hand gun range, completely certified .Our new building is also licensed for various social events such as weddings, trade-shows, meetings, safety courses, and countless other possibilities.The club has a commeritive trophy on the wall honouring and thanking over 100 different volunteers and companies for making these new facilities possible.Anyone wishing to visit and join our club, are very welcome.


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