We are a family-friendly sporting club with an emphasis on safety, fun, and education.

Safety ~ We work hard at our club to ensure the safety of everyone who shoots or visits the ranges.

Fun ~ Fun is second only to safety at EESA! We offer fantastic facilities, a wide range of activities, and regularly planned events.

Education ~ EESA is involved in many training programs including JR rifle, holster certification courses including IDPA and Black Badge courses, Range Officer training, and others.

An annually elected, executive committee oversees the many functions of the club. The Association’s affairs are discussed at a monthly Board of Directors meeting.

A little history:

Formed in 1955 as a Non-Profit Fishing & Conservation Club, area sportsmen cleared the site east of Aylmer and used the timber to build a log cabin clubhouse and range.

In the late 1970’s, an addition was built to the front of the old log cabin with the support of a Wintario (lottery) grant.

In June of 2001 the old log structure was torn down and the indoor range shooting area was built in its place. The addition built in the 1970’s became what is now the lounge area of the indoor range. . At the same time, the garage where we stored the tractor was demolished and the bathrooms were added off the indoor range lounge area. The New indoor range was finished and open for business just in time for Junior Rifle to start up in January of 2002 with a few finishing touches completed by spring of 2002.

Meanwhile, the outdoor ranges were also under construction with the 100m and 85 yd ranges finishing in May 2002. The 300m range was almost finished at that time but it lay fallow until June 2004 when the pad and baffle were completed in time for the 2004 Police and fire games.

Construction began on the new, two storey clubhouse In 2010 and was completed in the spring of 2011.

The 45 m range was built over what used to be a pond that ran back to the woods. It was not completed until 2013, The material to fill the pond was taken from a sewer project in Aylmer. The backstop was taken from the ditch construction along hwy 3 from Aylmer to Carter rd.


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