Private club owned by the membership.  No day use or walk-on privileges.  Refer to guest and match policies.
Guests are welcome at Crumlin Sportsmen’s Association. Guests may use the facilities only when accompanied by a club member. Only one guest per member at one time. The member is responsible for actions of their guest. Guests are permitted 4 visits lifetime. All members and guests must follow all federal, provincial and club rules and regulations.

Crumlin Sportsmen’s Association was established in 1947 and has grown into one of the best shooting clubs in the region. Our range and clubhouse facilities are located at 3384 Gore Road in London, Ontario, Canada. (Next to the eastern City Limits) 

Crumlin has approximately 700 members who are active in most shooting disciplines, including trap, skeet, pistol, rifle, black powder, air and archery. In addition to regular casual shooting, we regularly host competitive events in all disciplines that draw participants from across the province and beyond.
Clubhouse Canteen and Meeting hall
  • 120 seat clubhouse/meeting hall
  • Canteen/kitchen
Range #1 Indoor–pistol, air pistol and 22 RF rifle
  • range #1 indoor 20 yard 7 lanes with turning targets

Ranges #2 & #3 Shotgun Clays (check shot size limits)

  • Range #2, 5 Trap Fields
  • Range #3: 2 Skeet Fields
  • Range #3: One 5-Stand with nine traps throwing clays

Range #4, Rifle including Center fire, Rim fire and Black Powder

  • Fixed firing line only–no standing! NO firearms downrange!
  • range #4:  – 50, 100 and 200 yard sitting bench-rest and prone (100 & 200 yard steel gongs)

Ranges #5, #6 : Rifle & Pistol including Center fire, Rim fire and Black Powder

  • Fixed firing line only, NO firearms downrange
  • range #5:  – 12, 25 and 50 yard Bench rest and Off hand. 20 stations,  (turning targets at 25 yards)
  • range #6:  – 12, 25 and 50 yard  5 station bench rest and Off hand.

Ranges #7, #8, #9,#10 & #11 Action Ranges (Requires Club approved Range Officer) 

              Uses include, Cowboy, PPC and IPSC  
  • Range #7: 25 yard action range (rifle, shotgun, pistol)
  • Range #8: 25 yard action range includes bunker with dueling tree and falling plates (rifle, shotgun, pistol)
  • Range #9: 30 yard action range (rifle, shotgun, pistol, under construction)
  • Range #10: 30 yard action range (rifle, shotgun, pistol,under construction)
  • Range #11: 30 yard action range (rifle, shotgun, pistol, under construction)


Archery #1 and Archery 3D
  • Archery 1    Field Butts @ 20. 30, 40 & 50 yards (being upgraded)
  • Archery 3-D Targets in woodland walking course (being upgraded)




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