CRGC – The Cranbrook Rod and Gun Club is a members only facility located in the western shadow of the southern Rocky Mountains – 10 minutes north of sunny subtropical Cranbrook, British Columbia – off Hwy 95a. Drone’s Eye View  and Google Map.
The Club provides safe, convenient and sheltered facilities suitable for both the experienced and novice shooter. While the ranges,  shooting platforms, target stands and clubhouse are maintained for the exclusive use of members and their guests – we invite all who are interested in the shooting sports to become members and enjoy our facilities.
At CRGC, safety is our primary concern. To this end – the RangeNanny® has provided an enlightening array of rules, regulations and fatwas to cover most situations she has found necessary to comment on. While most of these are common sense safety rules, some are to limit the damage caused by idjuts who think it’s hilarious to shoot out metal/wood target stands and generally cause mayhem for others to repair. So please, no 50cal BMG ever, shotguns where they are allowed, and other calibres in their appropriate ranges


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