Claybird Gun Club was founded in 1976. Paperwork and formalization were started in 1977. Incorporated as a “not-for-profit” in 2000.

The purpose of the Claybird Gun Club is to create a “club” atmosphere for those with similar interests as it pertains to fishing, hunting, and sport shooting. The common values of our members are what keeps us strong and provides a safe place for those in the community with the same interests to enjoy our facilities and nature.

Claybird Gun Club has been providing the community of Exeter and surrounding area with a safe place to observe and preserve wildlife while teaching the members of the community about proper firearms safety procedures. We feel that it is better to provide such a facility to the community as opposed to having people discharge their firearms, without proper training, in non-specified areas, thus putting the surrounding community in greater danger in the absence of the guidance and benefit of safety-minded members of our club and others with similar values of wildlife preservation and safe operation of firearms.

Because of new government regulations, we have been forced to make major changes to our facilities to accommodate these new standards. Working together with the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority and the community, Claybird provides a safe and enjoyable wildlife area for everyone.


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