Calgary & District Target Shooter’s Association is a target shooting club which has been in operation for over thirty years at our present Calgary-area shooting range. Our present shooting range offers rifle, handgun, shotgun and archery ranges. We are currently in the process of developing a second shooting range, in order to provide even more shooting opportunities for our members. Our present Shepard range will continue to operate “business-as-usual” for at least the next several years, and perhaps even longer beyond that. The new Milo range is wholly-owned by our club, thus guaranteeing us a place to shoot for the foreseeable future.

The quarter-section of land purchased, is west of Milo and approximately an hour’s drive south east of our current location.  Our present Shepard range is on approximately eight acres of land. Our new Milo range is on 160 acres. This will provide longer shooting distances and the ability to shoot competitions without having to shut down the entire range. We have all witnessed disappointed shooters showing up to do a bit of target practice, only to find the range closed for a scheduled shooting match. We expect our new Milo facility to make this sort of disappointment a thing of the past.

The rolling foothills terrain of our Milo range land provides several natural backstops. The lay of the land allows for construction and simultaneous, independent use of six rifle lanes at each of  50,100, 200, 300, 400 & 500 meters. Two hills rising on our property will allow construction of pistol and archery bays surrounding the base of each hill. Shotgun areas for informal trap practice and sporting clays competition are also planned.The backstops will enable complete projectile containment on our owned land, we qualify for the highest safety level range category, which is also the most readily-approved category.

The new Milo range is intended to be a family-friendly recreational area. We are situated some five minutes west of McGregor Lake, offering camping, boating and fishing, and ten minutes west of the town of Milo with restaurant and hotel facilities. We expect our members may be able to enjoy a “shooting holiday” while only needing to travel an hour out of Calgary. The size of our new facility means that we will be able to host a formal shooting competition and still have lots of room for individual target practice or family fun!


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