Range Burlington (also known as, The Burlington Rifle & Revolver Club) is a non-profit club incorporated and registered with the province of Ontario. The Burlington Rifle & Revolver Club was established in 1954 and grown from 50 members to its present level of 1,800+ members.

The Range Burlington is a multiple discipline club, offering Bullseye, IPSC, Rifle, Metallic Silhouette, Black powder, Air Rifle. Cowboy  and P.P.C. competition.  There is also an active Juniors section, where the next generation of shooters are being trained.

The range consists of an indoor, heated, 11-port shooting range, with a maximum distance of 50 meters.  Each port has a motor driven target return.  The backstop is rated for all legal ammunition and calibres; including pistol, rifle and shotgun (slugs only). Basically, if you can hold it, you can shoot it at Burlington!   However .50BMG specifically and all steel-core, tracer, incendiary, explosive and armor-piercing projectiles are not allowed.

In addition to the shooting range, there is also an attached lounge with free WiFi, and pop machines.  There is also a climate controlled classroom, capable of seating up to 30 people.  The Range includes a well-lit, paved parking lot and 24-hour video surveillance.

The Club is located at 1540 King Rd, Burlington.  We are north of HWY 403, West of Brant Street in Burlington.  A map can be found here.   The classroom and Club house phone number is (905)-637-8033.  Follow the green address markers on the left hand side of the road.


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