The BSSA has been here for the last 33 years and is continually upgrading and expanding the range. We currently have 530 active members and have set the MAXIMUM CAPACITY of the facility to 1,000 ACTIVE MEMBERS.

BSSA Formed

1983 – Bonnyville Shooting Sports Association was formed and registered under the Societies ACT. A Place was chosen to build our range and legal documents were drawn up. Our first president was elected in 1983, Constable Mike Lynn RCMP. Meetings were held in hotel restaurants and meeting rooms.

Construction begins

Range construction began and lots of volunteer help and equipment was supplied and donated by the local business community. All of our members gave much of their blood, sweat, and tears to the project. The pistol range was completed in 1984. Several firearms instructors were recruited to ensure the safe handling of all Firearms and proper discipline’s of shooting, such as PPC. Two of these instructors were John Vaughn & Murray Charlton, who had been instructors at the Regina, RCMP Training Academy

Provincial PPC

1985 – BSSA hosted their first provincial PPC Match under the direct control of the Alberta Combat Pistol Association. We also broke the 100 member mark and it was not uncommon to have two relays of ten pistol shooters practicing every Wednesday evening even into the winter.
Though interest lacked for a few years due to the unreasonable and misunderstood gun control laws, the club is now quite active, and sport shooting is gaining interest once more, not only in pistol shooting but rifle and black powder as well. It is hoped that interest will continue for many years in a sport that is safe and enjoyable for everyone, kids included.


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