A. B. Bradshaw is a licenced firearms engraver and accepts all long guns and pistols. Master engraving takes time and a peaceful mind. He is a hand engraver, producing works of art in steel and copperplate engraved artistic prints. Restoration engraving and gold inlay replacement on many of the finest guns in the world. Shotgun names like Boss, Boswell, John Dickson & Son, and Charles Lancaster have all crossed his bench.

Like many old school engravers, including Ken Hunt, Brown Bros., Mr. D. W. Harris, Lindsay, and many Firearms Engravers Guild of America (FEGA) members, he makes his own tools in the time honoured tradition. A history handed down from artist engravers such as Durer, Blake, George Bradshaw and the great Harry Kell and many unknown engravers, in the apprentice style from master to master.

All of these men were inspirational. “I saw Blake’s original engravings in the Tate Gallery.”, says Bruce. “I studied tools that were hand made in 1860, at the British Museum, trying to learn more. Engraving books are pretty, but a teacher is the old way.”


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